2023 LGBT+ Inclusion Index

SDG 5: Gender Equality and SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities
To provide organisations around Asia with a credible and robust tool to assess, progress and promote their efforts towards LGBT+ Inclusion.


Traditionally, the LGBT+ Inclusion Index has provided organisations in Hong Kong with a credible and robust tool to assess, progress and promote their efforts towards LGBT+ Inclusion. To meet the demand for LGBT+ Inclusion benchmarking exercises across the region, we will be expanding the 2023 Index to include Singapore too. Following the repeal of Section 377A in Singapore, the fifth iteration of the Index will allow organisations in this market that have already started their LGBT+ Inclusion journey to showcase their corporate policies and practices for creating inclusive workplaces for LGBT+ employees. 

High level results for the Hong Kong Index were announced on Wed 7 Jun 2023 and the main report will be launched in September.

2025 LGBT+ Inclusion Index | Hong Kong and Singapore

The Index has been Hong Kong’s definitive benchmark for organisations to measure their progress on LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace and beyond. We encourage organisations of all sizes and from different industries to participate.

The expanded Indices will provide companies in Hong Kong and Singapore with a detailed assessment and ranking of their LGBT+ Inclusion efforts. The assessment process will remain consistent with previous years and any noteworthy changes will be covered in the Index Information Sessions which we encourage potential applicants to attend. Assessment Period: 1 Jan 2023 to 31 Dec 2024   Online Submission Period: Nov 2024 - Feb 2025.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Index only conducted every two years?

To give organisations sufficient time to make progress on their LGBT+ inclusion strategies.


My organisation is at an early stage and would like to learn about best practice and audit our internal work in LGBT+ inclusion, but we are not prepared to have our results announced publicly. How can we participate?

Organisations can choose to participate anonymously if they are not sure of how well they will do or to use the Index to assess their progress. Their participation, ranking and/or standard achieved will remain confidential unless the organisation is one of our top 10 companies. 


Will my organisation’s internal information appear in the Index Report?

The information that your organisation will submit for the Index will be kept confidential unless it is public information, or we receive explicit, written permission to include your information as a best practice example in our report. The Index Report mainly showcases the overall trends and performance and will not attribute results to any specific participants. While we also include best practices from participating organisations, we will seek their consent before publishing these findings.


What kind of supporting information do I have to provide for the Index or Survey?

Essentially anything that can support your submission or nomination. For example, this could be an extract from your employee handbook, pictures from your internal events or a description explaining the work that has been done. Each question will describe whether and what kind of supporting information is required.